Saturday, 5 March 2011


I've been watching the coverage of World Book Night. As I was watching it, I was thinking about (and using) Twitter - mostly to pick on Sue Perkins' rather annoying take on contemporary literature.

Twitter condenses thought. What we tend to do with Twitter is look at it with a sense of its immediacy - not thinking about how the accumulation of words might feel over time.

No pretence here (honest), but I cut and pasted a bunch of my tweets over the last six or so months and made this. If nothing else, it's a nice diary, but it did make me think that Twitter in the hands of good writers might actually create a very rich and worthwhile pool of literature over time. A new literary medium that we'll read and absorb in a very different way........

It rained little green apples last night

They sound like paint names. Telegraph birth column: Ezra, a brother for Dolly, Albertine, and Lilac

The pigeons are doing their fat hang glider thing

Glorious morning. The sky looks enameled

Tennyson's last words were: "I have opened it."

The cat is watching telly, aka, staring in through the kitchen door

Now the cat is demanding pellets cooked four ways

The night has a melancholy the cat is anxious to embrace

Fionn Regan and Beirut on Friday night in a drizzly Welsh field

Memo to cat: You will get a jelly toupee each time until you learn to let me put it in the bowl first

Never trust a landlady with coffee icing eye shadow

What this cottage lacks is a few decent naff ornaments

14:11:02 Holiday tip - avoid cottages with guest books that are palimpsests

14:11:54 Holiday tip - avoid cottages with sofas that put you permanently in brace position

14:12:42 Holiday tip - avoid cottages with owner s who repeatedly say "I can only apologise"

Who let Autumn in?

A golden blue sky, which makes no sense, but it is

Cat has arrived. With attachments.

Grumpy old men. Followed by, er, Newsnight.

Am I alone in zoning out after the first sentence of Thought for the Day?

Across the land kids are getting an early night ahead of the morning march of misery.

Guy in full spiderman regalia in the dentist. I hope he isn't staff.

Right, $6 million tooth ordered.

Ice cream van in the driving rain. The pathos.

Potatoes. Recommended by 89% of Glamour readers.

And now I have bathroom puddle sock

The breeze feels like warm milk

Top top: interior designers - create the post-apocalypse look by letting your 18 yo daughter have"a gathering for a few friends"

Aftermath: "Which one was Demi?" "Oh, she's the one whose hair's in the garden."

Byzantine sky is back

Second spring? Fifth season? Some plants in the garden seem to be finding their second wind.

Today has been sponsored by Velcro and treacle

These SEO types - they buy followers from somewhere, right?

Hi @TopSeoPosition , what are your hobbies and interests?

Spiders have their nets out, fishing for stupid late season flies

Several fences away, Bobby, the world's most told off dog

There's a new Poundworld on the High Street. Loads of people in Sherpa mode.

Passing the new Hairdresser, Hair on the Heath. Sounds a bit forensic.

I've been out. How did Nick Clegg do?

Grilagem is Portuguese for "Putting a live cricket into a box of faked documents until the excrement makes them look convincingly old."

Inbound cat bird back door conundrum

Existential celebration. Facebook places can't locate me.

Dentist seems to have picked me out something from the sabre tooth range

In the shop of a zillion words.

I love the random names of wifi networks on the train as it slips by houses. Sumatran ladies bingo. Fussy shoes. Ping and Pong.

Vince, who has a face better suited to avuncular critique, finds himself in Reality Ave

On the tele: the slightly black and white sometimeago effect

There is now a book called 4 ingredients recipes. Some of the recipes have two ingredients.

I'm going to do a 1 ingredient recipe cookbook

Autumn Sunday plus point: "aagh, it's already 4.15" is replaced by "ah, it's only 4.15"

Achieve a trendy sedum effect by neglecting your roof for years

It's the season for those mini sci-fi bugs - all wings and legs and no coordination

Out in the Atlantic, the giant is playing with his spirograph set

Unsettling image earlier today. Fleeting glimpse of a guide dog in full regalia wandering without


Dew shoe

Must be time for Avoid the Question Time

21:35:44 In Chile, synchronised praying/preying

08:59:01 What do you call it when you give birth to 33 people?

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"It rained little green apples last night" - beautiful. you write really really well.