Thursday, 10 February 2011

Journalists who "get" Twitter

Here's a list of several journalists who do an outstanding job at conversing on Twitter. There are plenty who see it as a broadcast channel, but these are the people who really understand how it works and how it creates a useful connection with the audience.

Harry Wallop - Telegraph - @hwallop

Caitlin Moran - Times - @caitlinmoran
Dr Ben Goldacre - Guardian/Blogger - @bengoldacre
Emma Barnett - Telegraph - @EmmaBarnett
Sophy Ridge - Sky News - @sophyridge
Hilary Osborne - Guardian - @hilaryosborne
Jack Schofield - Freelance - @jackschofield
Johann Hari - Indy - @johannhari101
Rory Cellan Jones - BBC - @ruskin147
Sally Whittle - Freelance - @swhittle
India Knight - Sunday Times - @indiaknight
Tim Weber - BBC - @tim_weber

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